Georgia ratified the MLC, 2006

The International Labour Organization (ILO) received a document on Georgia's ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, as amended (MLC, 2006).

Joint statement by the International Transport Workers' Federation and the Joint Negotiating Group

The International Bargaining Forum (IBF) social partners are increasingly concerned about the actions taken by Houthi forces that are threatening the safety of transiting seafarers and vessels.

MLC, 2006 - protecting seafarers' rights

The MLC, 2006 is an important international instrument that sets out labour rights standards for seafarers around the world. The lack of uniform international standards has previously led to serious social and safety issues. The Convention has become an important step in the fight against discrimination, exploitation and inequality among seafarers, paving the way for monitoring and enforcement of their labour rights.

Returning Home: The story of the successful repatriation of the VYSSOS crew

Recently, the MTWTU and Hellenic Shipping News published an article about an incident in the Bystre involving the crew of the bulk carrier VYSSOS (IMO 9385790, Panama).

"The Mediterranean is a convenient sea"

"The Mediterranean is a Comfortable Sea" is a campaign launched by the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) and affiliated unions to remove substandard ships from the Mediterranean.

Молоде покоління українських моряків

Цей тиждень у Литовській морській академії був наповнений заходами, що надихають молоде покоління на досягнення нових вершин.

Зміни в колективних договорах стандарту ITF

Протягом останнього місяця Профспілка отримала численні звернення від моряків, які виражають занепокоєння щодо процедур отримання зарплати від їхніх роботодавців.

Equasis: The world merchant fleet in 2022

EMSA issued its Equasis ‘World Merchant Fleet in 2022’ report, providing a picture of the world’s merchant fleet throughout the year, derived from data contained in the Equasis database.

Introduction to Ukrainian Danube Shipping and Its opportunities

A meeting with sailors was held at the Maritime Union Center, during which "Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company" was presented.

How Drought Alters the Rules of Navigation: Challenges for the Panama Canal

The severe drought in Panama has seriously affected the global shipping industry. Dealing with this problem is strategically important for various sectors, including international trade, the economy, the environment, and geopolitics. For more comprehensive insights into the situation, we discussed the issue with experienced Master Oleg Kolesnykov. He shared his professional view of the problem and vision for a possible solution.

Leadership and Motivation: Delivering Results

The Marine Transport Workers' Trade Union of Ukraine and the Danish Trade Union 3F are implementing their second joint project.

Defend your rights bravely: they are important

Another appeal from the sailors came from two crew members last week.

Dear friends, we are 32 years old!

Thank you for being a part of the great family of MTWTU!

Oleg Grygoriuk will continue his work as the IMO Maritime Ambassador

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has for the third time extended the mandate of the IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador, Head of the Trade Union of Maritime Transport Workers of Ukraine, Oleg Grygoriuk.

Grain corridor: read the contract carefully

Recently, MTWTU has noted an increase in the number of inquiries from Ukrainian sailors on ships that work in the Grain Corridor and depart from ports in Ukraine.

Panama Maritime Administration and ITF strengthen cooperation in the protection of seafarers’ rights

They have signed a bilateral Memorandum of Understanding aimed at enhancing cooperation on the protection of the rights and safety of seafarers working on vessels registered in Panama.

Statistics of abandoned vessels in 2023

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) has released data on the number of abandoned ships in 2023, which shows an increase in these figures compared to the previous year, which is worrying.

UNION SOLIDARITY FUND: допомога українським транспортникам не припиниться

Відбулося чергове засідання Наглядової ради UNION SOLIDARITY

FUND, заснованого Міжнародною федерацією транспортників (ІТF) та Європейською

федерацією транспортників (ETF) для допомоги українським профспілкам, які є

членськими організаціями обох федерацій.

Crew help for the VYSSOS vessel

The MTWTU continues to monitor the situation with the crew of the VYSSOS vessel and provide support to all seafarers, including foreign seafarers, who find themselves in difficult circumstances in Ukraine.

Long way home: How ITF and MTWTU helped the crew of the MIRA ship

On April 14, 2023, the vessel MIRA collided with the cargo ship COSMINA 1, which was anchored outside the port of Reni, Ukraine. MIRA did not sustain significant damage, and after the incident, it was safely anchored in Reni.

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