To Port Operators

The MTWTU is the largest industrial trade union, uniting about 15,000 employees of seaports in Ukraine.

The MTWTU has the number of advantages in the sphere of representation of the interests of the port labor collectives:

1. Conclusion of the collective agreement with a reliable, predictable and stable partner in order to fulfill the requirements of Chapter II "Collective Agreement" of the Labor Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Collective Agreements and Agreements".

2. Ensuring the targeted use of trade union fees for the needs of the labor collective of the port operator.

3. Representation and protection of the interests of the port operators' employees within the ITF and ETF Dockers’ Sections.

4. Promotion of investment climate by providing the potential investor with tools for a constructive dialogue with the labor collective of the port operator.

5. Support for attracting technical assistance from international financial institutions to projects aimed at introducing modern and innovative occupational safety and health systems.

6. Organization of interaction with vocational education institutions and higher educational institutions in order to ensure the training of qualified personnel for the needs of the port operator.

If you are willing to organize the Local MTWTU Trade Union Organization, please send an email

or call us +380482 42 99 01.

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