The Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine is a national trade union uniting more than 75,000 members: seafarers, workers of ports, ship repair plants and enterprises of State Hydrography, professors, cadets and students of maritime educational institutions.





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Our mission -

is to defend the interests of the Union members, despite of all odds

The main objectives of the MTWTU are to promote labor rights protection, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues.

Michael Kirieiev MTWTU Chairman

Our advantages:


Since 1992, we have been working for the benefit of our members, and since 1993 the MTWTU has been a member of the International Transport Workers’ Federation – the ITF


We do not stand still but evolve dynamically, setting more and more new goals


Being the only maritime ITF affiliate in Ukraine, we are always ready to stand up for the rights of our Union members


Most often, work requires us to be sensitive and confidential. We do more than announce, and our motto is “Actions, not words”


We are proud to have earned the trust of 75,000 Union members and their families with our honest work


We are always open to our members, employers and public authorities, as well as to anyone concerned with the well-being of Ukrainian transport workers


We will not make concessions if this contradicts the interests of our members, and we will fight for what we believe in


We are part of the global solidarity movement of transport workers, where everyone is there for each other

What they say about us:

Being born on the same day as the Trade Union is an incredible honor for me. I wish the MTWTU prosperity, progress, conquest of new heights, the strongest authority !!! And its employees health, inspiration, faith in their own strengths and the implementation of all plans! You really feel protected.

Vladimir Mazurovich 3 rd Officer, MTWTU member

What they say about us

Thank you for everything. I was met so pleasantly that it is a real joy for me to come here again and again. I am happy to be the MTWTU member!

Daniil Velichko 3rd Officer, MTWTU member

What they say about us

As for future seafarer it is extremely important for me to be a part of the Union. Now I have an opportunity to take part in the educational seminars and learn something new and important for my career.

Stanislav Sandu NU "OMA" cadet, Automation faculty, MTWTU member

What they say about us

For me, the Union is, first of all, protection and confidence in the future. Nowadays, it is important to be sure that there is someone behind your back. Thank you for everything you do for us, and I wish you development and prosperity! Спасибо за то, что вы делаете! Процветания и развития нашему Профсоюзу.

Artem Mamontov Dock-engineer, Mariupol Sea Port, MTWTU member

What they say about us

With the MTWTU our cadets' life became more bright and exciting.

Yana Maydanyuk NU "OMA" cadet, Automation faculty, MTWTU member

What they say about us:

Our Union is one of the few organizations which supports seafarers both onboard and on shore on the day-to-day basis. Being at the sea we are sure that in case of any necessity the MTWTU is ready to protect our rights. Our families also highly appreciate the MTWTU attention, and they are happy to attend events organized by the MTWTU while we are at work.

Aleksei Kostromin 3rd Engineer, MTWTU member

What they say about us:

I am amazed at the huge work which is being done by the MTWTU today not only for seafarers, but also for our families. Unfortunately, we are not in the habit of any organisations doing good things for people with no self-serving purposes. In my opinion, our Union is on the right track. Develop, grow and stay close, as it is extremely important for us!

Nikita Kaplenko Cadet, MTWTU member

What they say about us:

Only the MTWTU is ready to fight for out rights and for the efficient wages for Ukrainian seafarers, to organize all these exciting events for us and our families.

Gennadiy Pogorelov Master, MTWTU member

What they say about us:

For seafarers, the Union means support, protection and confidence. Unfortunately, none of us knows our rights exactly, so the Union is guarding our liberties every day. I know that I can address the Union with any questions regarding employment and working onboard, and I know that I will be heard, advised and assisted.

Dmitrii Shevchenko 3rd Officer, MTWTU member

What they say about us:

As my experience of communication with various people and organizations has shown, today, the MTWTU is the only organization that works for creation, not for destruction. In our time, there is an amazingly rare thing when people of the same working field unite to communicate and develop a global monolithic movement.

Artyom Panchenko 3rd Officer, MTWTU member

What they say about us:

The Union provides me with confidence that I will not remain face-to-face with a problem. The Union is a reliable friend who will be here for me for better or worse.

Oleg Ovchar Cook, MTWTU member

What they say about us:

Memorable gifts, informative seminars, entertainment - all of these the MTWTU organizes at decent level. Seafarers do need such meetings, because after returning from the voyage we almost cease communication with each other sinking in home routine. However, the Union gives seafarers an opportunity to come together, to talk and to spend time with families. It means a lot for us, believe me.

Roman Shchudlak 2nd Officer, MTWTU member

What they say about us:

The Marine Transport Workers Trade Union of Ukraine always supports seafarers during the voyage, always protects and helps our families on shore. The Union is a safety belt for seafarer, when he is at sea.

Oleg Conradi Chief Officer, MTWTU member

What they say about us:

You should join the Union to feel the support. This is the organization that accompanies us in all situations. Only the Union actually protects the seafarers' interests.

Konstantin Blagodarenko Master, MTWTU member

What they say about us:

Благодарим ПРМТУ за содержательные и полезные для каждого моряка семинары. Спасибо за постоянную поддержку и плодотворное сотрудничество! ПРМТУ - лучший Профсоюз Украины!

Виктория Пишко Проректор по учебно-воспитательной работе, ХГМА

What they say about us:

Я знаю, что за мной стоит мощная организация, которой не безразлична судьба украинских моряков. Мое твердое убеждение, что сегодня, как никогда, Профсоюз нужен морякам, так как огромное количество моих коллег сталкивается с проблемами, и если бы не было ни одного регулирующего органа, защищающего права моряков, то большинство судовладельцев вели бы себя совсем по-другому, не в пользу моряков.

Роман Цымбал 2 механик, член ПРМТУ

What they say about us:

Профсоюз - это глобальная масштабная организация, которая стоит на защите наших прав. Человеку всегда спокойнее, когда кто-то еще, кроме него самого, защищает его права.

Руслан Великодный Матрос, член ПРМТУ

What they say about us:

Наш Профсоюз – это организация, которая для того и была создана, чтобы помогать морякам, быть им опорой и защитой. Это третья сторона в отношениях между работодателем и моряком. Если возникают какие-то проблемы у моряка с его компанией, с его работодателем, то, возможно, кроме Профсоюза его и защитить больше никто не сможет. Поэтому я считаю, что обязательно надо вступать в Профсоюз, быть частью большого и активного профсоюзного движения.

Максим Усик 2 помощник капитана, член ПРМТУ

What they say about us:

Многие моряки боятся обращаться в Профсоюз, ошибочно считая, что в дальнейшем могут возникнуть проблемы при трудоустройстве. Это абсолютно не так. Вся информация, которую Профсоюз получает от моряка, конфиденциальна. В жизни бывают разные моменты. Иногда, кроме как в Профсоюз, обратиться больше некуда. Я знаю это на собственном опыте.

Иван Енакиев Матрос, член ПРМТУ

What they say about us:

Рекомендую всем своим коллегам - морякам вступать в наш Профсоюз! Это надежная защита для моряка и уверенность в том, что ты не останешься один в трудной ситуации. Огромное спасибо команде ПРМТУ за работу, за мероприятия, за все, что вы делаете для нас!

Юрий Болдырев Боцман, член ПРМТУ

What they say about us:

Профсоюз - это организация, которая объединяет, защищает и отстаивает наши права. На нашей защите мощная организация - Профсоюз работников морского транспорта Украины. Я верю в наш Профсоюз за его реальные дела, за далеко идущие планы на перспективу.

Александр Середа Докер-механизатор ГП «МТП «Южный», член ПРМТУ

What they say about us:

Уверенно могу сказать, что с Профсоюзом работников морского транспорта Украины считаются и органы государственной власти, и органы местного самоуправления. Сейчас такое время, когда людям, больше чем когда-либо, нужна защита. Также крайне важно участие Профсоюза при заключении Отраслевого соглашения и коллективных договоров.

Роман Макаров Докер-механизатор Херсонского МТП, член ПРМТУ

What they say about us:

Защиту со стороны Профсоюза можно сравнить с современным автомобилем, снабженным подушками безопасности и прочими высокотехнологичными системами. Пока мы просто едем, мы их не замечаем, но в случае аварии, они спасут нам жизнь и здоровье. Так и Профсоюз работает для того, чтобы мы могли заниматься только своей работой. Лично я рад, что есть люди которым не все равно.

Александр Ющук 3 помощник капитана, член ПРМТУ

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