Шесть украинских моряков с судна NAYA возвращаются домой

Совместными усилиями инспектора ITF в Украине и координатора стран Арабского мира ITF, а также Посольства Украины в Сирии удалось добиться репатриации для украинских моряков, которые были фактически оставлены на произвол судьбы компанией-судовладельцем.

ITF affiliates in US, Ukraine up pressure on national governments over crew change crisis

The trade union movement is increasing its pressure on governments to address the escalating crew change crisis affecting an estimated 200,000 seafarers is stepping up, this week American and Ukrainian unions joined their Australian sisters and brothers in calling for change.

Дайджест-COVID-19 25-30 мая 2020 г.

Информация за 25-30 мая 2020 г

An extention of validity of Ukrainian seafarers' documents

On May 28, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine addrassed tle letter to International Maritime Organisation clarifying the measures adopted and enforced by Ukraine regarding the validity of the qualification documents of the seafarers who a currently onboard.

ITF and MTWTU call fo facilitate crew changes

On May 5, 2020, the ITF Secretary General Stephen Cotton and the MTWTU Chairman Michael Kirieiev sent a joint letter to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Prime Minister Denis Shmygal with an appeal to assist in ensuring crew changes.

MTWTU appealed to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine has about 12,000 cadets and students amongst its members. These future seafarers study in the maritime educational institutions of Ukraine of different accreditation levels.

ITF survey on health protection measures on-board ships in response to COVID-19

ITF invites encourages seafarers to share which measures are taken and which personal protective equipment (PPE) is available onbpard their vessels in responce to COVID-19 pandemic.

Updated list of the authorised maritime training centers in Ukraine

The updated list of the authorised maritime training centers in Ukraine, as well as other useful documents, can be found on the MTWTU website vis Shore - Knowledge base.

Моряки смогут возвращаться из рейсов через Киев и Львов

21 мая Кабинет министров Украины обнародовал Постановление 392 (от 20.05.2020)

Sign the petition #seafarersmatter

The problem of carrying out crew changes for seafarers over the globe is still remaining unresolved, so the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) calls to sign the petition #seafarersmatter

Дайджест-COVID-19 18-23 мая 2020 года

Информация за 18-23 мая 2020 года

Сингапур делает послабление портовых ограничений

Морские и портовые власти Сингапура (MPA) разрешили производить смены экипажа.

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