Students & Cadets

The Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine, uniting 12,000 cadets and students of maritime educational institutions of Ukraine.

The MTWTU constantly conducts extensive work with the growing generation of seafarers, raising awareness of important maritime and trade union developments, inviting to educational and information seminars, conducting open lessons in educational institutions, as well as master classes, presentations and various entertainment activities.

The first workplace remains the biggest challenge for future seafarers. Providing young seafarers with jobs is also one of the priorities of the Union:

    • We negotiate with the shipowners on the provision of Ukrainian cadets with workplaces on board foreign ships;
    • Conduct open lessons for cadets on the norms of international labor legislation;
    • Advise on potential employment: how to choose a decent employer, how not to fall into the trap of crewing scammers, etc.;
    • Support the development of culture and sports among cadets and students;
    • Attract investments in the educational and material base of the maritime educational institutions of Ukraine.

The MTWTU Local Trade Union organizations have been established in the following maritime educational institutions of Ukraine:

    • National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”;
    • Izmail Faculty of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”;
    • Odessa National Maritime University;
    • Kherson State Maritime Academy;
    • Izmail Higher Vocational School of the Kyiv State Maritime Academy named after Hetman Petro Konashevich-Sahaydachniy;
    • Odessa Maritime College of Technical Fleet of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”;
    • Chernomorsk Maritime College of the Odessa National Maritime University;
    • Odessa Vocational School of Maritime Transport;
    • Shiprepair Professional Lyceum of Chernomorsk.

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