185 Years of Marine Education in Kherson!

This year Kherson State Maritime Academy celebrates the 185th anniversary of its foundation.

The history of marine education in Kherson started far in the 1834 year with a College of Merchant Shipping. And in 2011, this institution grew into Kherson State Maritime Academy. Now it is headed by Cherniavskyi Vasyl, Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Associate Professor.

During the whole year, the significant and solemn event coincides with the 185th anniversary of Kherson State Maritime Academy.

On the 31st of October, the one such event took place - grand meeting invited honored guests, including a representative from the Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine.

This day, in the conference room of the Academic Council, the cooperation agreement was signed between Kherson State Maritime Academy, NIBULON Ltd, and the Science Park of KSMA “Maritime Industry Innovations”. To remind, the Science Park is an organization that manages the flow of knowledge and technologies between the educational and research institutions, companies, and markets. The main objective of such a partnership is the training of highly skilled professionals, who can work productively and successfully in the sea industry of Ukraine.

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