Long way home: How ITF and MTWTU helped the crew of the MIRA ship

On April 14, 2023, the vessel MIRA collided with the cargo ship COSMINA 1, which was anchored outside the port of Reni, Ukraine. MIRA did not sustain significant damage, and after the incident, it was safely anchored in Reni.

Congratulations to the graduates of the National University "Odessa Maritime Academy"

Today, at the Maritime Union Center, graduates of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Maritime Law and Management of the Odessa Maritime Academy received their master's diplomas.

Ukrainian cadets from Kherson State Maritime Academy at the Lithuanian Maritime Academy: successful semester results

Ukrainian cadets from Kherson State Maritime Academy, who are simultaneously pursuing education at the Lithuanian Maritime Academy in Klaipeda, have successfully completed the semester at both educational institutions.

The Conference of the Labor Collective of the Kherson State Maritime Academy

Today, the Ηead of the MTWTU, Oleg Grygoriuk, participated in the Conference of the Labor Collective of the Kherson State Maritime Academy. The event took place at the office of our partners, Marlow Navigation company.

Crew in trouble: how the Union helps seafarers of the VYSSOS vessel

At the end of last month, an incident occurred at the mouth of the Bystre River: the bulk carrier VYSSOS (IMO 9385790, Panama), which was heading to the port of Izmail to load grain, hit a mine and sustained significant damage to its hull.

"We must not lose the industry either in 2024 or at all," Oleg Grygoriuk

In recent years, Ukrainians have become accustomed to bad news from the sea, which Russia has turned into a source of threat. But Ukraine is a maritime state, and our sailors are the elite of world shipping. Oleg Grygoriuk, Hed of MTWTU, told UNIAN how they live, what problems they solve and how the government hinders them.

Їжа та питна вода на судні: що важливо знати?

Моряки – особлива категорія працівників. Через свою діяльність та обмеженість ресурсів охорони здоров'я на борту судна вони піддаються більшим ризикам для здоров'я, ніж населення в цілому.

IBF adds high-risk area in the Red Sea

The social partners are increasingly concerned about the actions of the Houthi rebel forces, which, due to the war between Israel and Hamas, threaten the safety of seafarers and ships passing through the Red Sea.

Делегація МОП та УВКБ відвідала офіс ПРМТУ

З робочим візитом до Одеси прибула команда Міжнародної

організації праці (МОП) під керівництвом Старшого спеціаліста з питань

зайнятості, пані Даніели Зампіні.

SEKO та ПРМТУ: сила в єдності

В Ізмаїлі члени Профспілки робітників морського транспорту України з числа плавскладу ПрАТ «Українське дунайське пароплавство» отримали допомогу від ПРМТУ - продуктові набори.

Psychological Approach to Motivation: Top Practices

As part of the project, another informational meeting was held on modern approaches to motivating trade union membership and creating a favorable social and psychological climate in teams and the trade union environment for MTWTU members - local leaders, members of trade union committees, and active members of the Union.

Розвиток та досягнення: роль Профспілки робітників морського транспорту в часи війни

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