Double Bookkeeping, або подвійна бухгалтерія

Ще один вид обману та обкрадання моряків

"The missile exploded 500 metres from our vessel"

The story of a crew member of the ship PINOCCHIO, which was attacked by Houthis

Actions in emergencies

Actions to take during an air raid, how to protect yourself from rocket or artillery fire, explosive devices and actions to take if they are found, actions to take in case of chemical or radiation hazards, fire safety in the current environment, emergency first aid - these are extremely relevant and important knowledge that can protect you from disaster and save your life.

The shameful abandonment of seafarers

An increasing number of sailors are being abandoned by their vessels’ owners, left stuck on board sometimes for months or even years.

Danish labour market model - principles of full respect

Denmark is a developed country that combines traditional Scandinavian values with modern innovations. It is known for its high productivity, investment activity and the introduction of green technologies.

Beware of fraudsters

Risks for seafarers when looking for a job.

The MTWTU took part in the SEKO Maritime Section Congress

The MTWTU took part in the Congress of the Maritime Section of the SEKO sister trade union (Sweden). The leaders of this trade union were among the first to support the MTWTU since the beginning of Russia's aggression.

Meeting in the Norwegian Parliament

Oleg Grygoriuk,Chairman of the Marine Transport Workers' Trade Union (MTWTU), met with Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide, the Head of the Committee on International Relations in the Norwegian Parliament. Eriksen Søreide has played significant roles in the Norwegian government, notably as the Foreign Minister from 2017 to 2021, becoming the first woman to hold this position. Previously, she served as the Minister of Defence from 2013 to 2017. As a member of the Conservative Party, she was elected to the Parliament from Oslo in 2005.

Seafarers’ Lives Matter

The International Bargaining Forum’s (IBF) Warlike Operations Area Committee (WOAC) has unanimously agreed to designate the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden ‘Warlike’ to emphasise the seriousness of the situation.

IMO explains what “Navigating the future: safety first!” means​

Arsenio Dominguez, the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), has released a video message on this year’s World Maritime Day theme, Navigating the future: safety first!

Supporting Transport Workers - MTWTU members

At the MTWTU's initiative and with the assistance of the ITF-ETF SOLIDARITY FUND, Ukrainian transport workers, MTWTU members, will receive assistance in the form of 1,500 food sets.

ITF Seafarers' Trust: Helping Cadets - Investment in Future

For many years, Ukraine has been a leader in training maritime personnel for the international labour market. A number of the best shipping companies employ Ukrainian cadets and train young and prospective seafarers to work on their vessels.

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