Посвячення в курсанти першокурсників ХДМА та ЛМА

ITF повідомляє про тривожну кількість випадків залишення моряків на борту суден

У 2023 році ITF працювала зі 129 випадками покинутих суден.

Корупція в морських портах: як MACN бореться з проблемою

Морська антикорупційна мережа (MACN), вкотре звертає увагу на часто ігнорований, але руйнівний рівень корупції, з яким стикаються моряки в портах по всьому світу.

Train of Remembrance Journey

The ETF (European Transport Workers' Federation) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) organized a unique educational trip for young trade unionists to learn about the history of the Holocaust, analyze present-day events, and foster a new generation of leaders committed to building democracy and protecting human rights.

Problems with welfare, payment, and maintenance at ELEEN SOFIA

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) reports that it is currently working with Australian authorities to resolve a case of crew abuse, wage theft and appalling conditions aboard a bulk carrier owned by a Bulgarian company. The vessel is also under the arrest of Australian border guards and is detained in Gladstone.

Survey: your vote matters!

Women make up only about 2% of the global maritime workforce.

Working meeting between Oleg Grygoriuk, Chairman of the MTWTU, and Yuriy Lytvyn, Head of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

A working meeting was held at the MTWTU office between the MTWTU Chairman, Oleg Grygoriuk, and the Head of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, Yuriy Lytvyn.

MTWTU represented Ukraine in the Portworkers Development Programme

With the assistance of the Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine, the MTWTU and the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority represented Ukraine in the Portworker Development Programme in Bulk Terminals (PDPII), launched by the International Labour Organization. The training took place at the Busan Port Training Institute, which is the best expert institution for training port workers in Korea.

Порядок надання гарантій компенсації шкоди фрахтувальникам, операторам, власникам морських суден та суден внутрішнього плавання

Затверджено Порядок надання гарантій компенсації

шкоди фрахтувальникам, операторам та/або

власникам морських суден та суден внутрішнього плавання

Frequently asked questions about time limits for accepting new applications for consular services

Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

"You can achieve any goal you want: women can do everything"

Since childhood, Kateryna Hoyman has dreamed of sea adventures. She spent every spare minute near the Black Sea, looking at the ships. This way, she felt like a part of this big world where every day brings new impressions and challenges. Thus, she decided that her future was connected with the sea.

Criminalisation: An International Issue

Find out more about how the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) is tackling the unfair treatment of seafarers following incidents and suspected maritime crimes

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