Time Management and Planning

Large international companies a long time ago have figured out that organization's synergy is not less important than workers' classic professional skills. It is due to understanding that the employees do not act separately from each other.

Effective work requires mutual understanding and the ability to act as a single mechanism. That is why it became crucial to develop supra-professional - soft skills to improve the personal and social abilities of workers.

Today's seminar for seafarers-MTWTU members, which took place in the Maritime Union Center, was devoted to the issue of time management and planning. Maritime safety consultant, founder of the MarSkillUp Project for maritime industry workers, Captain Pavel Gusev shared his experience with the event participants.

“We often think there is so much work on the ship that 24 hours are not enough to get everything done. In fact, time management is important for a successful person. The ability to accurately manage your time, with running hours and even minutes, is the reality we live in,” says Pavel Gusev.

Today's seminar was aimed at increasing the efficiency of work on the ship without additional investment of time, effort, and energy. “Many seafarers do not have a clear understanding of what supra-professional skills are and how to apply them, because no one taught them this. And even if they did, it was lightly. Often this remains at the mercy of the seafarer, - says Pavel. - For instance, two Captains studied well at the same university, in the same group, received the same professional skills, the same documents, how can they differ from each other? Only by soft skills, development of which will bring the efficiency of the ship's crew to a new level. We already do not divide the crew to “deck” and “engine”, considering that we are all one team”.

The speaker discussed with the seafarers next issues: introduction to time management, planning and its stages, basics of S.M.A.R.T. structure, procrastination and its impact on work, dealing with distractions, delegation as a time management tool.

“I hope that the information I shared with colleagues will be useful to them. Even if they only try to apply this knowledge in their work, it means we have done something positive and significant for the seafarers," said Pavel Gusev.

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