Crew help for the VYSSOS vessel

The MTWTU continues to monitor the situation with the crew of the VYSSOS vessel and provide support to all seafarers, including foreign seafarers, who find themselves in difficult circumstances in Ukraine.

For example, MTWTU representatives visited the VYSSOS vessel for the second time, which has been in the port of Izmail for four weeks after a mine explosion in the Bystre estuary (for more information on the situation:

Thanks to the work of ITF Inspector Natalia Yefrimenko, the agent and representatives of the Egyptian Embassy in Ukraine, some issues were resolved. In particular, the agent arranged for the cabins to be heated by installing fan heaters, which partially improved the situation with heating the premises.

Currently, part of the crew, namely 9 Egyptian citizens, are still forced to stay on the ship without permission to go ashore due to the lack of a visa, and therefore they are deprived of the opportunity to take a shower or rest in normal conditions.

Therefore, with the assistance of the MTWTU and the MORTRANS Charitable Foundation, representatives of the primary trade union organisation of PJSC Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company delivered aid to the crew from the Izmail International Seafarers' Club. Basic first aid kits, dry showers for hygiene needs, disposable hot water bottles that seafarers can use both during sleep and for wearing under their outerwear during the day, as well as magazines and newsletters from the MTWTU and ITF were delivered.

We hope that the support provided will improve the physical and mental well-being of the crew while the remaining issues are resolved.

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