Day of the seafarer 2022

Dear seafarers!

On the eve of your professional holiday - Day of the Seafarer - let me congratulate you on this significant occasion.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the regular life of all the people on our planet. The pandemic revealed how unprepared the maritime industry and world governments were for this force majeure. We stood up and became stronger.

On February 24, 2022, the life of every Ukrainian froze. The war broke into our homes, affecting everyone. With incredible resilience, efforts of millions of people and our joint actions, we are approaching the Day of Victory, dear seafarers.

Ukrainian seafarers make up 8% of world shipping. Currently, about 35-40 thousand seafarers are deprived of the opportunity to cross the border during the war. They can not work and risk losing contracts. But we are constantly working to return you this opportunity.

I wish you and your beloved ones a peaceful sky, bright hopes, confidence in the future, and long calm lives in a prosperous Ukraine. To those who haven't seen their families for a long, I wish to hug them as soon as possible. To all those who have left their homes, I wish to return there as early as possible. We wish good health and endless hope to all who courageously protect our borders on land and at sea, under enemy fire, and on the volunteer front.

We will definitely win! The whole world stands with us! Glory to Ukraine!

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