First Steps Onboard. From Cadet to Chief Officer in Five Years

Moving up the career ladder onboard requires as much hard work, determination and perseverance from a seafarer as any other activity. Here, luck also plays an important role. However, professional growth is impossible without constant knowledge replenishment, usage of colleagues’ experience and learning from own mistakes.

Lately, the MTWTU organized a unique seminar for its members called First Steps Onboard: From Cadet to Chief Officer in Five Years. During the event, Sergei Romashko, founder of the Next Wave Project – Proper Course to Your Success, shared his own success story.

“There may be no one experienced enough to answer tricky questions concerning maritime job. Within this course, we help people aiming to get a promotion to achieve their goal,” Sergei Romashko noted. “At the seminar I shared my own experience. Of course, everyone follows his own path, but I hope that today’s recommendations will help these young guys in the future. There is no clear algorithm for how to promote quickly, but the most important is to perform your duties excellently, to be constantly interested in everything, to learn from experience, to be useful, to delve into all processes as quickly as possible, and you will succeed.”

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Support Captain Gavrylov

The MTWTU still receives letters of support for Captain Gavrylov, a Ukrainian seafarer who has been detained in Sri Lanka for the last three years.

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