The newly elected ITF Executive Board performed the first session

Today, the first session of the newly elected ITF Executive Board took place. Michael Kirieiev, the Chairman of MTWTU, who has been previously elected to the Committee, participated in this meeting.

Павел Климкин посетил Морской информационный центр ПРМТУ

Сегодня, 18 октября, состоялась встреча представителей Профсоюза работников морского транспорта Украины с делегацией Министерства иностранных дел Украины во главе с руководителем ведомства Павлом Климкиным.

Всеукраїнська профспілкова акція протесту

Професійна спілка робітників морського транспорту України підтримала профспілкову акцію, рішення про яку було прийнято Постановою Федерації профспілок України “Про солідарні протестні дії ФПУ та її організацій у зв'язку з наступом на права людини праці”.

The newest communication technologies in action

At the 44th ITF Congress have been demonstrated a unique mobile container that allows seafarers to keep in touch with their families in ports with absent or limited access to the network.

MTWTU participates in the Dockers' Conference

The Dockers Conference has been held in the framework of 44th ITF Congress.

MTWTU delegation visited Wavelink Maritime Institution

The congress is an excellent venue that facilitates ITF affiliates to discover new areas of activity and learn the experience of other states and affiliates.

MTWTU reported on HIV prevention work

Preventing the infection of HIV among transport workers is one of the main areas of ITF' great attention.

New consist of ITF Executive Board

Today, October 15, 2018, in a framework of the 44th ITF Congress in Singapore, a session of the European Regional Election Group was held, which, among other things, elects a composition of the ITF Executive Board.

Automation issues have been discussed at ITF Marine Section Conference

On October 15, in the framework of the 44th ITF Congress, a conference of the ITF Marine section was held, where actual problems that seafarers face or will face in the nearest future have been discussed. Of course, the main attention was focused on the issues of automation and the consequences of rapid development of technology.

MTWTU participates in the 44th ITF Congress

The ITF Congress is an event where important decisions are made and the course of the federation is determined for the next 5 years.

Stephen Cotton is re-elected as ITF Secretary General

These days, from October 14 to 20, the 44th ITF Congress is taking place in Singapore

Проект щодо попередження залучення моряків до злочинів на морі

Консульська служба МЗС спільно з Профспілкою робітників морського транспорту України презентували проект щодо попередження залучення моряків до злочинів на морі.

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